Saturday, May 4, 2013

MMM Day 4 Thank You Friendly Stranger

A possible Friday theme could be "ask a complete stranger to take your picture" . That's what I had to do today. So thank you to the pretty lady named Kayla, whom I pounced upon in the hotel lobby and so sweetly agreed to take my picture! 

Do I look like a 'lady of leisure' here? This dress is like wearing a pair of sweats....sooooo comfy, perfect for lounging around a hotel waiting for Handsome to arrive, leisure dressing right here people. Surreal. I made it from a vintage pattern and you can go check out the details here


  1. You and your dress are just beautiful!

  2. I so love this fabric & a very pretty dress!

  3. You weren't afraid that they would just take off with your camera?