Monday, July 14, 2014

Ahoy Sailor Shorts

Shorts!! After attempting to wear my last me-made pair, I decided that it was time I made these beauties. I love them! But then again...what's not to love about sailor shorts! I'm also pretty sure that Zoe would like these too! 

Kwik Sew 3854 

I used Kwik Sew 3854. I knew that I wanted this pattern the moment I laid eyes on it! With no fly zip to contend with and those cute pockets I was quite excited to make these.  While I do love them... I have to say that I made them too big. Just a little. They are pretty good right out of the dryer but stretch a bit after wear and I feel as though I am pushing my tummy out to keep them up to my waist. Relaxed, they sit down on my hips more and look very saggy in the butt. Completely losing the high waist look I was going for. Yup, gonna need to make some alterations to these.

My review:

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3854

Fabric Used: A poly twill that I had left over from my Charlie Jumpsuit. I used buttons that I salvaged from and old skirt. Mine were larger so I only used two.

Instructions: I first have to say that I like Kwik Sew patterns...especially the nice white thick paper they use. The shorts went together quickly and easily without any difficulty.

Changes I made: The only change I made to these was taking a bit of the volume out of the thigh area. I found that they "belled" out too much for me. They weren't as straight a cut as they look in the pattern picture.

*Just a note about the pockets in these shorts... they are kinda small. If I'm not careful when putting my phone in my pocket, it will slip right out and fall to the floor.  I love a good, deep, secure pocket and these just don't quite cut it for me.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sewing Rules!

Holy moly people! I have been crazy busy! And boy... do I miss sewing and blogging. My unblogged projects are at an all time high right now. This skirt was made months ago and I have worn it but not until today had I gotten the chance to photograph it. It's Newlook 6107. I have used this pattern quite a bit lately and have not been disappointed.

I won't go into detail about the construction of this pattern because I have made it before here. However...check out this cool's chevron and striped all wrapped up into one! AND is also a diagonal...that is... if I had cut it on the grain. I realize that cutting this style of skirt out on the bias is a no-no but I did it anyway. Yes I did. It did have it's consequences, mind you... like a lumpy spot at the bottom of the zipper that likes to poke out like a tail. Very flattering... yeah no. However....after I wore it for a bit the seat stretched out and it's barely noticeable! (At least that's what I tell myself)
 Can you spot the problem? Go ahead...zoom in on my butt. I give you permission..this time.

Skirt:self made Sweater: Gap Shoes:Old Navy (thirfted) Clutch:Franco Sarto Winners

So, have any of you deliberately broken the sewing "rules" ? How did it work out for you? Sometimes I think that new techniques can be discovered through experimentation...and sometimes breaking the rules just results in a lumpy tail on my butt.