Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Highs and Lows

This dress.... I love it...I don't love it...I love it.... I don't love it....and on it goes! I really like the fabric... it is a blue and white floral with very subtle polka dots in the blue background. Does it get any better!? All my favorite things in one fabric!  The bodice of  Vogue 8870 is great... it's the hemline that I'm fighting with.

 The silhouette is just feels "off" to me.....

I thought I would like a high-low hem but I wish that I had made it into a maxi. I would have worn and loved this as a maxi dress. I don't want to go buy more fabric and take it apart so I think I will first try to trim the hemline like view A. Maybe the less severe high-low version will be more to my liking.

V8870, Misses' Dress

Pattern: Vogue 8870

Fabric used: A pretty textured voile.

Instructions: The instructions were great. This is rated as very easy and I found that to be true. 

Changes I made: Absolutely none! Not one! 

Repeat worthy? Yes! The bodice of this dress is perfect for a summer sundress and I like the twin straps. You could very easily change the straps into one single wide one for more bra strap coverage. Next time I make this I will cut the skirt into a maxi...which shouldn't be too hard.

So...what's your take on the high-low dress/skirt thing? Is it a high or a low for you?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Is It Practical or Pretty...or Both?

I can't seem to keep myself from making pretty dresses...I am quite practical in other areas of my life... really I am. But when I come across such a pretty and painterly just begged to be made into a dress. Another my closet needs another dress. 

On the topic of practicality... if you want to make a great fit and flare dress that doesn't require a copious amount of fabric or wastage...this is the one. Vogue 1353. Go ahead and wait I'll save you the trouble...

Whoa!!! Oh make it so hard to love your patterns sometimes! It was pretty easy to pass this one over...until I took a closer look at the line drawings and then the yardage. The yardage was the clincher for me....this beauty only requires 1.4 m! (1 1/2 yards for those of you in the US) Granted, that doesn't include lining but if you are anything like me, you probably already have some that you found on sale stored in the stash. Finding patterns that use less fabric and have less waste has been a goal for me lately. 
My most favorite dress Simplicity 2444 calls for 1.5m just for the skirt! 
Needless to say...I'm hooked on this new favorite.

Pattern: Vogue 1353

Fabric used: The prettiest stretch cotton sateen.

Instructions: I found this pattern to be quite easy to put together. No problems that I recall.

Changes I made: I added 2.5 inches to the length and just did a turn and hem at the bottom. I found it to be too short for me. Next time I may consider going down a size...I'm not sure though. I think that this particular fabric may have stretched somewhat while making it. I may have been a bit too zealous in my pressing. 

Repeat worthy? Yes! I love that this dress uses fabric frugally and it has some lovely details like bodice pleating and bust darts. My only wish....pockets! I added pockets originally but removed them after an initial fit test because I thought that the dress was going to be tighter and I didn't want the pockets to be pulled open. In hindsight, I should have left the pockets because there is plenty of room for them! Oh well... lesson learned and of course I could always add them still!   

I have worn this dress so many times already which is a sure sign that I should make it again. I should actually be making more wardrobe staples but we all know that I won't be doing that!