Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Polka Dot Chambray

Hey Everyone! I have made another Burda 6849 shirt...a chambray shirt. A chambray with POLKA DOTS shirt! Yes..polka dots!

Let me ask you....when you decide on a sewing project what comes first? The pattern or the fabric? I'm pretty sure we all have a different process when it comes down to it. Sometimes it is the need to fill a gap in a me made wardrobe...so the pattern comes first and I am on the hunt for the perfect fabric. Other times I'm in the fabric store and just HAVE TO HAVE THAT FABRIC! I have no idea what I'm going to make and my enormous stash is proof that this scenario happens most frequently for me.
This time was a little different though...it was like having twins. I saw the fabric and knew exactly which pattern I was going to use. 

I know that the last time I made this shirt I said I would try the Archer but I do like the fit of this one. The length works well for me and I can see me wearing it as a kind of jacket over t-shirts or dresses for cooler summer evenings. I also like the narrow sleeve and this shirt fits me well across my wider shoulders. If a pattern fits so well without any alterations, why wouldn't I make it again?

I won't go into a full review of this shirt but will say that I added the pocket flaps this time. My topstitching is ok but I think it could be better. I also used buttons despite my previous love for pearl snaps. I didn't want the closures to stand out too much on this shirt so navy buttons were used.

I wore it here with simple white shorts but there are so many ways to wear a chambray shirt and I will wear it all summer long!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sweet Simplicity Skirt

It's sewing 101, this skirt is so easy. I'm sure many sewers had their start with a skirt like this one....two rectangles sewn down the sides, fold down the top and stitch to make a casing for the elastic, insert elastic and hem! (I got all fancy and added inseam pockets to mine...oooooh!!)

 The simplicity of this skirt is perfect for letting a great fabric shine and it is so quick to make. Perfect for beginners or for anyone wanting an easy satisfying make to coax the return of sewing mojo. 

Rather than making a tutorial for this skirt...cause there are so many great ones already out there....here's a link to one that uses much the same process that I did here. 

I'm pretty proud of myself for using a remnant for this skirt. My daughter had made herself a maxi and I quickly scooped up the leftover piece which was a little over half a meter. Some of you are awesome at using up your bits and bobs of fabric in your fabric stashes with incredible creative flair.  Me, not so much. I get drawn to the new and shiny.  Do you use up remnants?
 What do you make with yours? 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Delicate Daisies

Have you ever fallen in love with a fabric the moment you laid eyes on it? Like all the time right!?? Yeah I know...
All. The. Time. 
All. The. Fabric. 

So when I saw this blue and white lacy goodness, I swept it up and brought it home knowing that I would make it into McCalls 6696. I was a great idea in theory and now that I got through it....I love it but...boy was it a journey! 

Anyone who has made this dress knows that it requires all lot of hand sewing, which I don't usually mind....but when combined with a delicate lace... it meant MANY hours carefully hand sewing. 

I included this picture so you could see just how delicate the flower petals of this lace is. 

Pattern: McCalls 6696

Fabric used: Blue and white daisy lace and white batiste for the slip.

Instructions: I didn't have any problems with the instructions at all. The collar went together nicely as did the button stand! I tend to stay away from buttonholes but the more I tackle them the less I fear them.

Changes I made: I didn't make any changes to this dress, not even any fitting changes. I decided that due to all the extra work I did handsewing, I would make covered buttons. They were a wee bit tedious but so worth the effort. I think that they finish it so nicely!

Repeat worthy? Yes! It has lots of really pretty details and the fit is great for me. Next time, I would use a different pocket...I have a favorite...don't you? I found the pocket included in this pattern to be a bit too shallow for my liking. My hands barely fit.

I may have started out a little over my head on this one but in the end I enjoyed rising to the challenge of this fabric and it was totally worth it!