Monday, September 30, 2013


I am a pretty good at talking. I can talk my husband's ear off, fortunately for me he doesn't mind but when he gave me this beauty for our anniversary, I was speechless. Completely speechless. I just kept asking, "Really? Really? For real?"
 I couldn't believe it! A true pinch me moment. You know...pinch don't...pinch me ...No! don't!
I'm feeling so blessed right now...

I am thrilled to have this  Janome CoverPro 1000CPX. I had first read about this machine on Andrea's blog over at Four Square Walls and I was hooked and wanted one... Check out her review here. It's really helpful but brings on a terrible case of what my mom calls "the gimmes and the wants". Terrible, awful disease that one!

Of course I had to take it for a spin as soon as I opened the box! So I quickly cut out this t-shirt from Newlook 6150. I had previously made a tee from this fabric but  after washing and wearing it a few times, it has a hole in it and some of the stitches snapped on me. I'm glad that I had some of the fabric left over to make a new one!


My Review: 

Pattern: Newlook 6150 view D

Fabric used: Hampton cotton poly knit.

Instructions:The instructions were straight forward and easy. 

Changes I made: I didn't make any changes but should have made it one size smaller... I was in too much of a hurry to try out my new machine so I will just ignore the baggy fit and enjoy the lovely finishes it has!

Repeat worthy? Definitely! I am now in need of some knits to be added to my stash! 

 Here are a few pictures of the lovely finishes this cover stitch machine provides. The stitches were perfect right out of the box! I thought I might have to fiddle around with it to get a nice stitch and tension but luckily I didn't. Yay! I am sorry that I didn't get pictures of my tee on and as part of an outfit, but photographers were MIA around here. 

Thank you Handsome for 21 wonderful years! Marrying you, my best friend, was the best decision I have ever made. You are my love and my life and thank you for making me yours.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Copy Cat Challenge 2

I Heart Fabric and Peneloping are once again hosting a Copy Cat Challenge and I have been known to knock off someone else's creation I thought I would have a go at it again.

lovely & classic

My inspiration for this project was this ivory lace skirt that I found on pinterest. I adore this look!! It is so classic and elegant...I have been swooning over this for sooooooo long! I cannot find a source for this skirt after much searching so if anyone knows....let me know. Thanks.
I used my trusty McCalls 6706 pattern again. I have made this pattern one...two...three times already. I widened the waistband, as I always do, added pockets and lengthened it by a few inches. The lace is a soft polyester which had nice body to  it and I underlined it with a light cotton sateen. I didn't make it as long as thie inspiration skirt because let's face it...I'm not a six foot tall model!

I paired my skirt with an ivory sweater from Joe Fresh that I wore backwards...hehe, my Rouge snakeskin heels, pearls and this awesome gold Ann Taylor clutch that I recently thrifted. When I found this clutch I was both thrilled and a little disappointed. Thrilled because  still had the original tags on it and it was so shiny! I love myself some shiny! But also disappointed because the front of it was dented with the impression of the chain strap.(not shown) When items arrive at my local thrift store the come "bailed" like hay bails...only clothes and such..leaving the items quite crushed. Not good for a purse like this.
Let me share with you how I removed the blow dryer. I used my blow dryer on high heat to soften the vinyl while simultaneously pressing out the dent with a soft cloth and my fingers. It worked!!

I mentioned above that I had been a copy cat in my past life...well here's proof. This skirt is still a favorite of mine! I copied an Oscar de la Renta skirt and you can see the original posts here and here. It's a thrill to make something beautiful at a fraction of the price!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Thrift Style

This post is a combo of a thrift score and a make because.... I thrifted this fabric! I know... crazy right...! It's hard to believe that someone would give up this "chambray" fabric. I don't know exactly what the fabric is but I think that it might be a cotton polyester blend. I love that it looks like chambray and that it has polka dots too. Little white and red ones. The red ones are not showing up well in the photos but believe me... they and all their cuteness are very much there.

When I found this fabric, I immediately thought that I would make this pattern but then I forgot my plan until I was finished making the Lisette dress and I came across the Vogue pattern later....oh boy..I tend to get so easily distracted. Nothing new folks, nothing new.
My dress is almost an exact replica of the sample dress on the envelope...I don't do this often but I am so pleased with the results.

My Review: 

Pattern: Lisette Simplicity 2246

Fabric used: A cotton polyester "chambray" that I thrifted! Oh yeeeeaaah!!!

Instructions:The instructions were straight forward and easy.  

Changes I made: I didn't make any changes to this pattern....which is unusual for me but I could and may yet add tabs with buttons to the sleeves for a more "safari" look. 

Repeat worthy? Yes! I really like this pattern and enjoyed making this dress. 

Dress:self made Purse:The Limited(thrifted) Shoes:Denver Hayes
I also thrifted this purse and I liked it with my blue dress to kind of ease myself into fall colors. I think this dress would also look great with brown boots and a cardigan as the temperature drops. I can see this dress being worn quite often this fall!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Thrift Style

Isn't this dress the best color!? With the temperatures still humid and summer like, I am wearing my summer dresses right to the end of it and probably into the fall by just adding a cardigan or jacket.
 I hate to see the end of summer. 
Don't get me wrong... I love fall and I love the clothes that go with it...tweeds, cozy knits, jeans and boots...but who wants to be sweating like a pig, all for fashions sake? Not this chick. I will have all winter long to wear my boots and beautiful coats and scarves but for now, I will enjoy bare legs and summery dresses.

I can't quite remember when I thrifted this JCrew dress but it was probably last winter some time. That's the key to out of season. Shorts in the winter and heavy sweaters in the middle of the sweltering summer.  Always shop for the next season. 
I love everything about this dress, the color, the linen fabric, and the style. The shoes are Rouge which I have never heard of but the snakeskin patttern on them is great because they go with everything! I have worn them before here. So there you have it...another full outfit thrifted for under $10! friends is a great feeling!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Giveaway Winners Times Two

I have been a very blessed girl very blessed. The sweet Philippa over at Gloria & Me was so generous to send me this Burda Style Magazine. Thank you Philippa! I have never laid eyes on these magazines and I am enamored with it's stylish offerings. I also like the fabric choices they make for the sample garments...sometimes the sample garments shown in magazines are not all that know. 
I am a little bit intimidated by the pattern sheet and I have great respect for anyone who uses these frequently! I welcome any and all advice that would help me through the process! 

101A 0112 B

Check out that pattern sheet! WOW.

So thank you again Philippa! Go check out her blog... I see that she is offering up another awesome giveaway for September! Generous lady, that one.

Now for the very first giveaway winner here....and the winner is...


AnonymousSeptember 5, 2013 at 3:38 PMAnother great economical outfit! :) You have "an eye" for finding clothes that suit you so well. And I love those shoes! What a special sister.
Please enter me in your giveaway. Lovely fabric and you picked a great pattern to showcase it.
Thank you.
Almeda :)

Congrats Almeda! Please drop me an email at prettygirlbymargo(at)gmail(dot)com with your mailing info so I can drop your prize in the mail! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dyeing Jeans

I like my jeans dark...Let's face it, dark wash jeans are more slimming, which in and of itself is enough for me to dye my jeans back to dark wash when they begin to fade. 

I have been dyeing my jeans back to their former glory for years. So long now that my husband thoughtfully puts dye packets in my Christmas stocking! 

To dye my jeans, I use Dylon permanent dye in Jeans Blue. I also like the results when I use one packet of Jeans Blue and one of Navy Blue. I follow the instructions on the packet and choose a nice day to do it outside. The dye will do just what it is supposed to do...dye everything it comes in contact with!! So handle it with care. This dye doesn't need to be boiled, making it so easy to use and I can usually dye three pairs of jeans with two packets of dye.

When I dyed my first pair, I was scared I would not like them but I really had nothing to lose. I wasn't wearing them anyway. To my surprise,  the yellow stitching didn't change color!! Now....that being said...I'm not saying that every pair would do the prepare yourself for the possibility that the stitching will change color.

I stir the dye and garments a lot. I don't want any splotchy spots on my jeans. (technical jargin happening right here people) I can't remember how long I left them in the dye but knowing me, I was distracted and left them for a couple of hours.

Here are the before and after pictures of the jeans. These are identical jeans, bought on the same day, worn regularly and had the same amount of faded wear on them. I purposely didn't dye the ones on the right to show you the difference.There is a definite difference!
When I find a pair of jeans I really love, this is a great way to extend their life in my closet not to mention, it is easy on the wallet.

Don't forget to enter my very first giveaway, it's open to all! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Thrift Style and..... a GIVEAWAY!! (CLOSED)

I am head to toe thrifted today... dress, cardi and shoes! I love that.
This little dress has been a star in my outfit rotation all spring and summer and now I'm wearing it into the fall as well. For the fall and winter, as the temperature drops, I will add tights and my leather jacket. There is no tag on this dress telling me who made it or what fabric it is. That happens from time to time with thrifted clothing, the previous owner removes itchy tags... which is fine by me.
My cardigan is JCrew. This cardigan is simple and goes with everything! 
My shoes, from Old Navy were a gift from my favorite sister... and she thrifted them!  Perfect.
This may be a pretty standard but cute outfit, however with a price tag of under ten dollars...for just got a whole lot cuter.

To celebrate finishing my stash busting challenge, I wanted to share my stash with you! So now for my very first giveaway!! Wahoo!
As I was digging through my stash, I came across this piece of fabric that you might remember from the MMM challenge. Well, I still have a 2meter piece that I would love to give to one of my readers!

 So if you would like to be put into the draw for this fabric, it's easy.... just leave a comment, with your name, below. Remember that anonymous is not your name...
 One entry per person please because I am doing this draw the old fashioned way... you know...your names in a hat worries... I'll pick a nice hat. 

Anywhoo... check back on Wednesday, September 11 to congratulate the winner!
Good luck! 

UPDATE: This draw is open internationally and I failed to make that clear...opps sorry. Anyone is welcome to enter!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Stash is Officially Busted!

It's over!
My stash busting challenge is now complete.
(insert applause,standing ovation and Bravo's! here...I will pause now and wait for you to finish...)
Thank you. Thank you.

So here's a recap...
 You can click on the caption for the full post.

My first challenge was to finish two, unfinished projects. You know...the ones that haunt you and then when you do finally finish them, you realize it was super easy and feel kinda stupid for not finishing them sooner? Yeah those ones... I got plenty.
My yellow and grey skirt that I only wish I'd had more time to wear this summer because I love it so much! Then there was Handsome's shirt... buttons. I still can't believe I stopped at the buttons. Moving on.

Walking on Sunshine

Now on to the refashions. The first was an easy, skirt from a skirt, refashion. I will wear this one a lot! The second was a sequined baseball tee that I also adore!

A Refashion and a Rant
Batter's Up

Of course then there are my favorite ones. Spur of the moment, go wherever my wandering mind has taken me at the moment... kind of projects. The ones that could become unfinished projects if I don't suppress my mind enough to finish the task at hand. Fortunately I was able to do that and these are finished garments that I love. Yay!

Fresh Take
Summer? Shorts

Red Tulips
Picnic Skirt
Maxed Out
Easy Breezy

So there you have it, I set out to bust my stash and I have to admit that it feels good, reeeeeally good. I have a new love for my fabric stash. I feel very blessed to have it. I think that I am learning to be more than content with what I am already blessed with but to take it up a notch and be joyfully delighted with what I am blessed with! 
I am a work in progress. 

After writing this post I really feel like sharing my joy and my stash so stay tuned for a chance to help me bust some my stash just a little bit more!