Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Stash is Officially Busted!

It's over!
My stash busting challenge is now complete.
(insert applause,standing ovation and Bravo's! here...I will pause now and wait for you to finish...)
Thank you. Thank you.

So here's a recap...
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My first challenge was to finish two, unfinished projects. You know...the ones that haunt you and then when you do finally finish them, you realize it was super easy and feel kinda stupid for not finishing them sooner? Yeah those ones... I got plenty.
My yellow and grey skirt that I only wish I'd had more time to wear this summer because I love it so much! Then there was Handsome's shirt... buttons. I still can't believe I stopped at the buttons. Moving on.

Walking on Sunshine

Now on to the refashions. The first was an easy, skirt from a skirt, refashion. I will wear this one a lot! The second was a sequined baseball tee that I also adore!

A Refashion and a Rant
Batter's Up

Of course then there are my favorite projects...new ones. Spur of the moment, go wherever my wandering mind has taken me at the moment... kind of projects. The ones that could become unfinished projects if I don't suppress my mind enough to finish the task at hand. Fortunately I was able to do that and these are finished garments that I love. Yay!

Fresh Take
Summer? Shorts

Red Tulips
Picnic Skirt
Maxed Out
Easy Breezy

So there you have it, I set out to bust my stash and I have to admit that it feels good, reeeeeally good. I have a new love for my fabric stash. I feel very blessed to have it. I think that I am learning to be more than content with what I am already blessed with but to take it up a notch and be joyfully delighted with what I am blessed with! 
I am a work in progress. 

After writing this post I really feel like sharing my joy and my stash so stay tuned for a chance to help me bust some my stash just a little bit more!


  1. You have been busy! And all of your stash busting creations are beautiful! I would wear each and everyone of them (even your husband's shirt)!

  2. All fantastic makes. You still have some stash left? Can't wait to see it!

  3. Some lovely makes - and all from your stash! Great work Margo, I'm so pleased for you.

  4. I love them all! Congratulations for this beautiful creations.

    1. Thanks Hana! I feel really good about finishing this challenge.

  5. Yeah, Bravo! All the things you´ve been making are a joy to see. Can´t wait for more!

  6. I'm clapping like a manic over here. Congrats on doing some serious busting, so many pretties.

    1. Thanks Heather, my guilt over my mountainous stash has lessened just a little. Probably enough to check out some new fall fabrics...

  7. Yay! Wooohoooo! YAYAYAYAY!

    Now you can celebrate by fabric shopping!

    1. Hehehehe! Thanks Becki! I have my eye on a couple of fall pretties!

  8. wow - super productive! All your makes are so gorgeous too and it must feel great to get through some of your stash!

  9. Great job on busting that stash!