Thursday, June 26, 2014

Polka Dot Pullover

Back when I debuted my white moto jacket I wore this little blouse under it but I didn't take the time to blog about it. I think I was just so excited about the jacket.... 

I used Newlook 6107. I really liked this blouse but at the time and considering my fabric choice, didn't want to fiddle about with the buttons. So what did I go and do? Ignored them. Okaaaaay it's not that simple but almost. When I looked at the pattern a little closer, I decided that it had plenty of ease to make it as a pullover blouse. 

To do this, I cut the front piece on the fold, taking into consideration the seam allowance. I felt that the neckline might be a little too low for my liking so I raised it by 1 3/4 inches at the center. MUCH better! The only part that I found a little tricky was finishing the neckline... mitering the front center took some fiddling. I am overall pleased with it though! 

This blouse has been quite the workhorse in my wardrobe these days. I always love a polka dot and though I usually choose fabrics that are much more colorful....I can always pair it with color. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sew...Here Are A Few Of My Thoughts

Oh my gosh that was fast!! MMM is all over and my last week wasn't very well documented. It's not that I didn't wear me mades, I just didn't get pictures  because I went on an awesome trip with my sister to visit our brother in Manitoba! I didn't want to disrupt the flow of our visit for outfit pictures. I can say that I did wear me mades everyday  but I don't remember exactly what I wore each day.

A few of my favorites...

With MMM now finished, I have been thinking about my wardrobe a bit. What is missing and what I would like to make. I have also been thinking about why I like to sew and what I like to sew the most.
Here are a few thoughts...

 I don't like to sew staple pieces. I may as well face it...I don't even like to wear staple pieces let alone make them. Staple pieces to me would be plain tees and black pants etc...I can buy a nice pair of black pants, jeans or plain t-shirts and I can usually get good quality ones at my favorite thrift shop. I get bored easily and if I'm going to make a pair of pants, I kinda want them to be something I haven't seen or I can't get. I love the freedom to be creative and make something fun even if it's not very practical in my wardrobe.
Dolly Clackett.... you rock!

I need a break from rules. This has been something I have been thinking about a lot lately. It is probably just a phase but I don't really want to make any pledges at the moment. I was about to embark on a stash busting challenge of epic proportions when husband stopped me. He asked me why I would do that to myself...why would I impose a lot of rules on my hobby? Point taken...thank you husband. Don't get me wrong.... I like a challenge and at times it can be good to put deadlines on myself to be more productive with my sewing projects. However, right now I just need to sew for pleasure. No time lines, no rules. The rest of my life is full of deadlines and rules, my hobby doesn't need any right now. Sew what I want, when I want to. New rule... right there people. Bam.

I need to care less about what others think. This isn't at all directed at my lovely friends  in the blog world but more at my everyday life and those I see everyday. I sometimes don't wear a me made garment because I may feel too conspicuous or "over dressed" but if I feel great in a dress that I have made... I should wear it regardless.  Right?  I also hold back from sharing that I made a garment unless I am specifically asked where I got it. When someone compliments me on my self made dress, I just respond with a "Thanks!". Unless of course husband is with me and he blurts out, "She made it!",  to which I inwardly cringe and outwardly blush. Ugh. How do I get over that?

I'm okay with not having an entirely me made wardrobe. I admire those who can do this and love it. I really think it's amazing!! For me to do this, I would have to sew staples, which goes back to my previous mention that I don't like to sew staples. At least not at this moment... ( don't hold me firm to these claims...I can be a flighty gal ) I also have some really great RTW pieces in my wardrobe that I love to wear. My favorites are usually thrifted, which makes them even better.

There you have it, a few thoughts I have had during the MMM'14 challenge. I loved seeing every one's makes and I'm sorry to say that I didn't have near the time I would have liked to comment on every one's pics.