Friday, May 31, 2013

MMM Day 31

Last day of MMM '13! I had so much fun and will save my reflections of the challenge for a future post, as well as the details and review of this dress. For today I would like to say a big thank you to this kid. He took the majority of my pictures for the challenge. I kid you not when I say...he is the sweetest kid I know. And that smile! Oh my gosh... melt your heart. Thank you Buck for your support and for making it fun at the same time! Love you!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

MMM Day 30 Repeat!!

I won't bore you with lots of pictures today because this is a repeat...I'll just say...I love this dress!

If you want to see details visit this page :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MMM Day 29 Hindsight

Dress:self made Jacket:Loft(thrifted) Shoes:Franco Sarto

One of the nice things about a blog is that everything I post is dated. Telling me when I made it and what was going through my mind at the time. I'm not great at journaling, making it impossible for me tell you when I made this dress. I have no idea. It would be unfair to review this pattern due to my lapse in memory so I'll wait until I make another. I will share one thing about this dress now, I wish I had made it with sleeves! That hindsight thing....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MMM Day 28 So Close

May close to the end. Wow. I have loved doing this challenged, however gettting my picture everyday has been a different experience. Interesting. On to my outfit...Simplicity 2444, again. I have posted this dress before here. This one is made of rayon twill and is so floaty. I think it may be one of my favorite fabrics for fit and flare dresses.  

Monday, May 27, 2013

MMM Day 27 Graphic Design

Dress:self made Cardigan:J Crew Shoes:Franco Sarto

Butterick 5455
The print of this dress is not something I usually go for but I am really liking it. This dress is so comfortable and flattering, making it a winner with me. I made it back in March and didn't give it a proper review so here goes...

My Review: 

Pattern: Butterick 5455

Fabric used: Stretch cotton. Lovely to work with! 

Instructions: I don't recall anything particular about the construction of this dress. I need to do these reviews sooner.

If I could change anything: I wouldn't change a thing about the pattern. I would however change the hem on my particular dress, the print on the bottom of mine is uneven, I'm unhappy with that but choose to ignore it. Lesson learned.

Repeat worthy? Yes, for certain! It has such a lovely, flattering fit and of course pockets. I have said this before, but I love pockets!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

MMM Day 26 Here Comes The Sun

Dress:self made Blazer:F21(thrifted) Shoes:Payless(thrifted) Necklace:a mystery

The sun came out today!! I can't begin to explain the joy that brings me...I wore this dress to church today, one of my Simlicity 2444 dresses. I should have worn a belt to cinch in the waist a bit because it is a tad to big now but I was comfortable..
See this dress styled just a little bit differently with a belt, here.

The envelope doesn't really do this pattern justice..

My Review: 

Pattern: Simplicity 2444

Fabric used: A rayon twill. 

Instructions: They are easy to follow. This pattern has lots of darts and pleats so if you don't like that then this may not be the pattern for you. It calls for facings which I have used but this time I fully lined the bodice using a pull through method before attatching the skirt. This is my favorite way of lining a sleeveless bodice. 

If I could change anything: I wouldn't change a thing. I have made it with sleeves as well and still loved it.

Repeat worthy? Yes, without a doubt. I have taken a "break" from using this pattern for a bit. I have made it five times already with a sixth now in production. I have also picked up an extra copy for fear mine will be too worn out to use. I like it that much!!!  I am expecting to go through withdrawl.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

MMM Day 25 Pink..It's a Whole Lot Of Pink

I love color. It's no secret. Especially bright bold color! I really like to blind my sister with my bright colored outfits and I just know she would love this one...okay maybe not but my niece would LOVE it! I'm a star on the five year old scene. Yup, I am.

More details here.

Friday, May 24, 2013

MMM Day 24 Peggy's Cove

Dress:self made Jacket:Gap(thrifted) Shoes:Denver Hayes

Today's theme for the MMM challenge was your hometown. Living only minutes from a landmark like Peggy's Cove made it easy to know where to get today's pictures. My only problem was the fog and the wind...both pretty consistent aspects of living directly on the ocean. Small price to pay for this beautiful view.

On to the dress..a simple knit dress made from Newlook 6095.

My Review: 

Pattern: Newlook 6095, view A

Fabric used: A striped cotton poly knit.

Instructions: Easy to follow, I didn't use the facings for this, hemming my edges by machine. 

If I could change anything: It would be unfair to the pattern to say I would change anything because I kind of hacked it to accomodate the knit I wanted to use. I made it smaller then my usual size, didn't use the back darts and ommitted the zip as well. A lot of changes made here.

Repeat worthy? Yes, without a doubt. I will make it according to the pattern suggestions next time and am confident from previous experience with Newlook patterns that I would be satisfied with the results.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

MMM Day 23 Dear Simplicity 2444,

My first ever Simplicity 2444 dress Shoes:Old Navy Belt:Joe fresh

Dear Simplicity 2444,
 I think I am obsessed with you. So, for fear of my wardrobe becoming a sea of vintage style dresses and my sewing skills not growing to their full potential...I had better let you go and see other patterns. I have sewn you at least five times now plus one more in current production. I have picked up another copy of you just in case you got too worn out too use and every time I look at a fabric, well... I picture it made up into you, my Simplicity 2444. It's too much... I'm sorry. I'll miss you. (But you and I both know I will be back) This is not goodbye my's see you later.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MMM Day 22 A Long Time Favorite

I love this skirt. It's comfy, pretty and I always get compliments on it.  You can see where I have worn this before here and here. Thanks to my beautiful mom for taking these pictures for me.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MMM Day 21 Panic Sewing

The Me Made May challenge has shown me where my self made wardrobe has casual wear. I just love to make dresses but they are not always suitable for everyday wear. Waking up this morning to yet another rainy day, I wanted to wear my jeans and a top but had nothing me made. I made no promise not to "panic sew" during this challenge therefore had no guilt when I pulled out this fabric and pattern!

My Review: 

Pattern: Newlook 6148

Fabric used: A floral voile.

Instructions: Easy to follow, this is a very basic blouse. I was finished within 2 hrs. Which included hand stitching the hems and neck facing and helping my daughter with her project as well!

If I could change anything: I wouldn't change anything about the pattern itself but this will be a great one to hack and experiment with.

Repeat worthy? Definitely! This would be a great pattern to teach a beginner with as well. Next time I will make view D, I think.

Monday, May 20, 2013

MMM Day 20 More Rain

Skirt: refashioned from a dress Sweater: Old Navy Rain Boots:Joe Fresh

Just a quick pic of my MMM outfit today. It's raining again and I went for something warm and comfy. You can see the details of this refashioned skirt here.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

MMM Day 19 Run Run Run

Tank: self made Shorts: Lululemon Jacket:Champion Sneakers:Asics

I had a great day today! Ran a half marathon with a great friend in my great city, all while wearing a self made tee. I drafted it from another tee that I liked, but basically just winged it. I'm thinking that I wouldn't make another for running though. The shirts I buy are made of  fabrics that perform better, have softer inside finishes than I am able to make so far. If I could find better fabrics...then maybe. 

I'll say it again...GREAT DAY! 

MMM Day 18 Lucky Trousers

Trousers: self made Shirt: Old Navy Leather Jacket: Wilsons Leather(thrifted)
Shoes: Aerosole (thrifted)Necklace:Suzy Shier

Setting out to make a pair of trousers can be a daunting task (fitting them can be so tricky)...I have failed at them when I set out to make these Burda ones, I decided to just go ahead and make them according to pattern, in my size and just see what happened. I got lucky. I love them. 

My Review: 

Pattern: Burda 7447

Fabric used: Hmm..A woven something..I have to make better note of what fabrics are and learn to identify them. Sorry. 

Instructions: They were easy to follow, just be aware that I didn't put the welt pockets on the back. I tend to avoid them, even in ready to wear. I would like to add them to the next pair though, just to give them a's been awhile.

If I could change anything: I wouldn't change a thing other then make a smaller size in the waist. Although it was easy to take them in with the back seam in the waistband.

Repeat worthy? Definitely! I would like to make a pair of shorts with this pattern next. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

MMM Day 17 Something A Little Different

McCalls 6706

This skirt is a great example of why I love to sew some of my own clothes...I'm not likely to see another like it and it's fun to wear something a little different. Two ladies ( french teachers ironically) complimented me this morning and it felt great, especially knowing that I made it. After they were out of earshot, Handsome asked my why I didn't tell them that I made it. I shrugged. I guess the self satisfaction is enough. What do you do in the same situation?

 I found this print in the drapery section and pounced upon it immediately!
 I knew exactly what I was making with it. No hesitation at all. I took what was left on the bolt and skipped off to the cash (literally skipped..Handsome was mildly embarrassed).  At the cash, the clerk asked me where I had found this fabric, puzzled by her question, I told her, and she proceeded to tell me about another lady who had tried to hide it so she could take time to decide whether or not she wanted it...oh. I felt bad... I'm okay now.

My review:

Pattern: McCalls 6067

Fabric Used: A "linen like" drapery, think burlap that softened nicely in the wash

Sizing: I cut it to my usual size and it was a tad big but I do tend to cut  patterns too big on a regular basis so don't go by me on this one. I have to remedy this.

Instructions: Were easy to follow and worked out perfectly.

If I could change anything: Pockets. I love pockets but with the side zip little more tricky and I wasn't in the mood to try and also a stiffer waistband fabric. I used a black linen I had but even with interfacing found it a bit too soft.

Repeat worthy? Yes. I already have a similar skirt I'm in the process of making using a self drafted pattern that I will now pick apart and rework with this one.

Skirt:self-made Tank:Joe Fresh Cardigan: J Crew(thrifted) Shoes:Franco Sarto Hat: Aldo
*UPDATE I have decided to lengthen this skirt...after seeing it in pictures, I think it would be better a bit longer. Tonight's project!