Saturday, May 25, 2013

MMM Day 25 Pink..It's a Whole Lot Of Pink

I love color. It's no secret. Especially bright bold color! I really like to blind my sister with my bright colored outfits and I just know she would love this one...okay maybe not but my niece would LOVE it! I'm a star on the five year old scene. Yup, I am.

More details here.


  1. I love pink too and this skirt, with that interesting hem is a winner. I also just read your Ira Glass quote. It's so good isn't it and now I love the title of your blog even more.

  2. I think it really cute! I love color too. Its hard to be in a bad mood when wearing that color of pink.

  3. Thanks Ladies! Not having to pay $1200 for this skirt also lifts my mood!