Friday, May 10, 2013

MMM Day 10 Sewing Space

T shirt:self-made Jeans:Merona thrifted&refashioned to skinnies Cardigan:Mercer&Madison
 Shoes:Denver Hayes

A sneak peek of my current project.

Today's theme in the Me Made May challenge is a picture of our sewing space. We have outgrown our home just a little.... so my sewing space has been relocated to the front entry..yes that is my front door. Our living room is to the right of the picture and I use the dining room table to cut. I drag my ironing board in and out daily and my stash is stored in bins in the basement. The pros of this space is that I have to be tidy and organized but the con is that is soooo hard for someone like me who is a natural slob during the creating process. Like seriously...a slob!! (I cleaned up for this pic)
 Husband and I argue about finishing a sewing space in the basement for me... he wants to and I would prefer to wait...the house will sadly be too big for us once again and I will have my pick of many lovely rooms. For now, I'll enjoy being in the center of the house where our teens can easily find me and sit and chat with me while I sew.


  1. Love you beautiful lady! Your family is sooo blessed to have you at the center of the action!! Keep sewing!!! Donna

    1. Donna you are such a blessing to me!!!! Love you back!