Tuesday, April 8, 2014

360 Degrees of Hot Pink

Why in the world have I waited this long to make a circle skirt? This thing makes me want to dance. All. The. Time. Ask my family...I may be driving them nuts as I swish around in this skirt. Some things you just never outgrow...and twirly skirts are one of them. 

My Review: 

Pattern:  Newlook 6056

Fabric used: 'Arabella' polyester suiting in the hottest of hot pinks.

Instructions: Easy! Circle skirts are very easy to make.

Changes I made: The only change I made was putting in an invisible zipper right to the top of the waistband. 

Repeat worthy? Yes! I already bought more of this fabric in another color! This will be another TNT pattern for me.

Skirt: self-made Blouse: Banana Republic(thrifted) Shoes: Franco Sarto
Sweater: JCrew (thrifted)

In these pictures I am wearing it with two different tops, I wore the sweater when I ran out to catch the sunshine for pictures but I actually wore the blouse when I went out for the day. I also think this skirt will look great with a pop of white for the summer. A neutral color like grey would be nice as well. Or if I dared...my hot yellow blouse! So many options to consider with Me Made May coming up. 


  1. I'd love to see this with yellow! I bet it would look amazing.

  2. Oh my I just love this!! The colour & the sweep of the circle skirt are gorgeous! Oh and yes to wearing it with yellow!

  3. Yep! Definitely pretty in pink! You can't not twirl in a circle skirt! I would love it with a pop of white this summer!

  4. This is seriously your first circle skirt??? It looks so wonderful on you and yes to yellow as well.

    1. Yes it is! I can hardly believe it myself... I didn't think I would like this style on me so never bothered to try. Silly me.

  5. More hot pink, More circle skirts! Frog demands it! I've never made a straight up circle skirt either and I'm not sure why. Maybe we both need a bunch for summer.

  6. Oooh-La-Laa! that whole outfit us just so adorable! You did a great job on that hem, esp for an artificial fiber! I can't believe that is Poly, it will hold its pizzazz so well.
    I love hot pink, it is so flattering and so HOT this year, very Kate Spade!

  7. It's perfect! I love the swish and swing. I too have never made a full circle skirt (I made a half circle many years ago and loved it, wore it til it fell apart) for fear it would not suit me. I might be tempted to give it a go, you look so good in yours! :)

  8. I've never made a circle skirt but I've always loved the way they look on other people. I guess I should try one!

  9. Your skirt is absolutely beautiful! and the twirl pictures are just stunning. I love the hot pink with the navy cardigan; really chic :)

  10. This color burns my eyes. JK! Love it and love you my uber talented sista!