Monday, November 18, 2013

Simple Simon Delivery!

Hey you guys!! Remember the Project Sewn graphic print sewalong I entered that you guys were so nice to vote for me and so I won.... I opened up my mailbox to find a great prize! 

Simple Simon & Co. sent me two yards of a very pretty polka dot cotton, an Omnigrid rotary cutter and five spools of Coats thread!! Wahoo! I love sewing loot! This fabric is a pretty addition to my stash and will be lovely to use in the spring. 

So I have two thank you notes to to Simple Simon & Co. for the contest and the generous prize package and the other to all of you who voted for me in the sewalong.


Now I am off like a squirrel with a nut to hide my precious fabric in my stash till spring!


  1. Congratulations you little squirrel! Ha,ha!
    Very well deserved price!

  2. You totally deserved that win Margo, and I am sure many people who voted chose you purely for your fantastic style and fabric choice! It was inspired!

  3. Nice! Don't bury that too far in the stash. :)

  4. Yay! A well deserved prize! Loving that fabric!!

  5. Hey, I remember that dress, and voting for you. Great little prize you've got, congratulations! I finished my skirt, and gave you a mention on my most recent post!

  6. Glad it arrived safely.....and congrats again on the win! So well deserved ;)