Friday, November 22, 2013

Oh Deer

Oh knew I had to go with that title! I planned that the very day I first saw this sweater knit fabric. I wanted to bring this fabric home that day but didn't because I wasn't willing to pay full price for it. Fifteen dollars a metre just wasn't worth it in my mind, so I was patiently waiting for a sale. When it didn't go on sale in my local store, I just put it out of mind mind thinking that it wasn't meant to be. 
Then one afternoon I was in another town about an hour away and thought I would drop into the fabric store there. I wandered around for a bit and then noticed four young women of about college age buying up lots of fabric. When I say lots...I mean LOTS and LOTS! I was intrigued so I was eavesdropping as inconspicuously as I could (I'm sure I was doing a bad job of it) to find out what projects they were working on. One of them gleefully said " I can't believe that all this fabric is 99 cents a metre! We are so lucky!" At that point I could care less about their project and was on the hunt for this 99 cent deal! Move out of my way people!!
Long story short this sweater cost me a whole $2. Worth the wait? Yup. Always is.

My Review: 

Pattern:  McCall's 6844

Fabric used: Polyester viscose Novelty Knit

Instructions: This sweater was rated as easy and easy it was. It was a very quick make.

Changes I made: I made view A and didn't make a single change. Oh that's a lie...I used stay tape at the shoulders to prevent them from stretching.  I cut out a medium and would likely make a small next time but the fit is still fine.

Repeat worthy? Most certainly! I enjoyed this make especially because I used my new coverstitch machine. I highly recommend this pattern.

Sweater:self made M6844
Turtleneck: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Shoes:Calvin Klein(thrifted)

Today is an exciting day for me. Why you may ask?? I'm guest posting over on another blog! A first ever for me. 99 cents fabric and guest posting. This is a good day people, a good day!

 Take Six is a lovely blog that features inspiration for many aspects of a woman's life. Go visit and stay awhile.


  1. Just lovely! The perfect fall outfit. :)

  2. Nice fabric find! I like how you paired it with a simple pattern.

  3. I have just found your blog and have been reading back posts. Your cardigan is nice and cosy looking. I like reading winter blogs in the summer and vise versa.

  4. What a fabulous make! And sewing stars were definitely aligned for the 99c bargain fabric! I'm heading over to the other blog now :)

  5. So pretty and cozy. You always get the greatests fabrics and then pair them with the appropriate pattern. That´s a great gift!

  6. 99 cents a meter?!?! That is a smoking deal! Nice find!

  7. So glad you eventually got the fabric that you liked - I love it when surprises like this happen. I can see why you would love that fabric - so cosy looking!

  8. OMG 99 cents? I might have pushed some people over to get my hands on that. LOL! Love it!

  9. 99 cents? I might have pushed some people over to get my hands on that. LOL!

  10. Oh deer I love it!! Holy moly 99 cents you can't beat that!!