Friday, July 5, 2013

Fresh Cut

Dress:self-made Necklace:Suzy Shier Shoes:Rouge(thrifted) Bracelets:gift from husband

My stash busting challenge is underway and this dress was a freshly cut out Burda pattern. I love color of this dress but it didn't show as green in pictures as it in reality. It is the color of new spring grass! I am still working on using the camera and was in a bit of a hurry when taking these pics. I really love this dress because it is easy to wear and is soooo comfortable! I have styled it a couple of other ways that I will share in another post. The empire waist gives it lots of ease and would be great for someone in the early preggo stage. That is in no way a hint that I am expecting!! No way. The only baby in my tummy these days would be a food baby! - Burda 7378

My Review: 

Pattern: Burda 7378

Fabric used: A polyester that really behaves like a silk... I do like it.

Instructions: I didn't follow them exactly, I like to attach the facings on a sleeveless dress so that they can be pulled through. I did this before the skirt was attatched.

If I could change anything: I would have fully lined the front!! I hate that you can see the facing line across the chest! I didn't realized that this would be a problem until I had already attatched the skirt and put in the zip. Short of taking it all apart...I'm not sure what to do to remedy this problem.

Repeat worthy?  I probably won't make this dress again for myself but I do like it and recommend it.


  1. This is a great dress! The colour is great, the shape is stylish and it looks comfortable. And with that pretty necklace you are wearing nobody will notice about the front not being fully lined.(Actually I didn´t notice until you mentioned it!)
    Lovely hair-style too!

  2. You look gorgeous on this dress! I like the whole outfit, especially your shoes:-)

  3. Beautiful dress! I love the color even if it's sneakily masquerading as a different color than it actually is. Your shoes and jewelry are always wonderful too.

  4. The colour looks great on you, love the hair too!

  5. What a lovely relaxed yet stylish dress Margot. Beautiful necklace and I love your hair like this.

  6. This is a gorgeous dress - I love the colour and the shape. Your photos look great too! I wouldn't have noticed the facing until you mentioned it and, like Merche says, your lovely necklace and the gathering at the waist mean you don't notice it.

  7. Love this dress Margo!