Monday, July 1, 2013

Before and After comes in so many forms! This past month it didn't involve much sewing, a little, but not much. Our second daughter, aka the middle child, graduated from high school last week! Where did the time go? We decided that this milestone should include an bedroom makeover to mark her transition into adulthood and I will admit, to possibly entice her to stay at home for a little bit longer! 

As soon as her little behind was out the door for school and then off to a sneakily planned overnight  party with a friend, we got to work! Newly painted walls, bed, lamps and lots of other lovely things that I had stashed away for many moons were pulled out and her new room was ready for the big reveal in just 24 hours. Whew! So much work but so worth it! She loved it and I got my wish when she proclaimed, " If this is your attempt to keep me home forever?! It's WORKING!!!"

Emmy's first reaction caught on camera by her brother... the other pictures qualified as the "ugly cry" pics. Priceless.

Details.. Bedspread:Cynthia Rowley Pillows:Winners Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Stone Harbour Lamps: Costco

In all my excitement I didn't get any before pictures....Emmy had this one that she put on instagram.



  1. Such a wonderful look! The room and the look on her face.
    Congratulation on such a wonderful family, you are truly blessed.

    i figured you were still going through the stash. Its a month when life sometimes gets in the way of sewing, you'll get back in the swing of things.

  2. Thanks Becki! It was a busy but blessed month for sure. I do hope to get back to sewing now that it is behind me!

  3. So lovely! I like the colours you used. And there is no wonder your daughter is over the moon with her new bedroom. What a sweet surprise!

  4. Wonderful. What a great surprise!!

  5. Love the room make-over - very nicely done! Off to have a peek around your blog...J

  6. It looks really nice, I love the colours.