Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Discovery

When I started making this dress, I made a new discovery. Simplicity Amazing Fit patterns. I have had this pattern in my collection for quite some time now, probably acquiring it during a good sale. I often buy a few patterns at once during a sale to use later.

The amazing thing about these patterns is that they are sized for different cup sizes! They also have slim, average and curvy options too. Who knew these patterns existed? For me this hasn't been a fit issue and I generally don't  have to make many adjustments to standard pattern sizing. I know...I'm lucky.  BUT I do know there are many who would benefit from a pattern like this.

For my dress, I made Simplicity 1652 in a lovely cotton that has just a bit of stretch in a pretty red and white floral. This floral has bit of a Hawaiian feel to it, don't you think? I love the open back of this dress and I don't have to wear special underwear with it, bonus!

My Review: 

Pattern: Simplicity 1652 Amazing Fit

Fabric used: Stretch cotton, that I remembered to launder first!

Instructions: Pretty basic. I liked the fit options it had. I also love when a dress is put together leaving the side seams till the end, making alterations easier. It also had 1inch seam allowances on the side seam for that same reason, again I love that.

If I could change anything: Ummm... not much. I'm a big fan of pockets but these ones are not the best. I realize that the pockets were not put in the side seams for easier fit alterations, but where they are doesn't leave much room for them. I find them somewhat shallow...I like to actually put things, like my phone, in my pocket..

Repeat worthy? Yes, I would. I like the fit and really love the back of this dress. I will also be trying out some of the other patterns in the Amazing Fit collection. 


  1. I love the prints that you find, so lively and vibrant. You should do a post on where you buy fabric and what you look for. I would love to paw through your stash! Your clothes always look so perfect, the fit is great. I do like those special fitting patterns, great progress on the pattern making frontier.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Becki! I am always loking for future post ideas. Although the selection I have available to me is limited but I work with it...sometimes even in the upholstery section!

  3. This dress was one of my favourites from MMM! I haven't come across the amazing fit patterns before but will have to have a look for them and I'm always glad when a pattern leaves the side seams until last, it makes things so much easier.

  4. Beautiful dress! I haven't noticed these amazing fit patterns at the store but now I'm going to have to keep my eye out for them!,

  5. Thanks! They are great patterns, give it a try!

  6. This is so pretty and I LOVE the back cutout!! Might have to get this pattern.