Monday, June 10, 2013

I Heart Pretty Dresses

It's no secret that I love dresses. What could be easier than pulling on a dress? One garment to pull on and BAM! you're done. Plus, I'm a girl...I get to wear dresses. I have one life, I'm wearing pretty dresses whenever I can. 

For this dress I used Simplicity 2724. This pattern has many options I would like to try and I love a pattern that allows me to play "fashion plate". Different options for bodices, sleeves and skirts and they all fit together.  Here's my review.

My Review: 

Pattern: Simplicity 2724

Fabric used: Linen. The floral pattern makes the fabric more "friendly" because it masks the wrinkles.

Instructions: I didn't have any trouble with the instructions.

If I could change anything: I would only add pockets. This dress has a side zipper but I could at least put one pocket in on the other side.

Repeat worthy? For certain!! This pattern has many options that I would love to try... more projects for my ever growing list.


  1. Wow...this is really pretty! I'm with you that I love a versatile pattern!

  2. Pretty dresses love you!
    I love the skirt, and the linen. That looks like nice, lightweight linen. Did you line or underline it with anything?

  3. Lovely fabric! I realy like the pleats you've added at the neckline - so nice to get a pattern with all those options!

  4. Looks stunning! There are so many variations on that pattern - I'd never seen this one before! You do have an eye for all things pretty.

  5. Such a pretty dress!! I too love the pleats at the neckline.

  6. This is not fair! For some reason my bloglovin doesn´t feed me your posts, and here I was thinking: Margo in having a long rest from the MMM. :)
    Anyways, to the dress. I love how you look in this kind of femenine, floral dress, this one is just spot on and so sweet. And all those views in the same pattern, so interesting. Great pattern-spotting!

  7. Ohhh Merche! How do we fix that!? I wonder if my bloglovin button is working? Hmmm.. I also didn't get a notification that you posted a comment!

    Thanks for your sweet, uplifting comments!