Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mom's Always Right

I ADORE making and wearing dresses but of course I don't wear them everyday.(at least not when it's cold) I like wearing my jeans and with my pledge for the me-made-may 2013 challenge not too far off, I thought I had better get to sewing a top or two.      
I bravely took off my cardigan for a full view of my top... but it was soo cold!

I made this cute top from Newlook 6186, view D. I didn't make any major changes except that instead of topstitching the binding around the neckline, I handstitched it in place from the inside. Topstitching a binding in place is something I need a LOT more practice at. My mom always taught me that handstitching the finishing touches like hems is always nicer anyway. Mom's always right.

If I were to make it again, I would make a smaller size. The sizing thing with sewing patterns is tricky. Then again, the same is true in ready to wear clothing as well.

Top:self-made Cardigan:JCrew thrifted Jeans: Puzzle thrifted Shoes: Joe Fresh

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