Friday, October 12, 2012

Polka Dot Heaven

I love browsing Pinterest for inspiration... it is so much fun but can be addicting so approach with care! During one of my late night Pinterest cruises, I found this... 

tri11 IIIBeCa

My first thought was...I love! My second thought was... I can make this! While this isn't a sewing project...I haven't done anything crafty in a while and really enjoyed this project. 

Supplies needed:
Tulip Soft Fabric paint
Polka dot stencil
Round sponge brush
Cardboard to slide inside sweater
A sweater

I placed cardboard inside the sweater to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the back and then I painted the dots on with the stencil. Easy as that! I bought a small bottle of paint and didn't have enough paint for two coats but I really liked how it looked a bit faded with the sweater fabric showing through. This paint was supposed to have a velveteen finish when it was steamed but I didn't find it worked. The paint is a little stiff and I'm hoping it will soften in the wash. Even if it doesn't, I am thrilled with the resulting look.



Thanks to Handsome for taking these pictures and making me feel so comfortable.

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