Friday, May 23, 2014

Hello Old Friend

Does anyone remember when I said goodbye to my favorite pattern Simplicity 2444?
Yeah, me neither.

Ok, I do. I knew at the time that I needed to give this pattern a break. Well, I didn't make any more of least I don't think I did...but I already had this one in my closet and I realized during Me Made May that I had never blogged about it.

Pattern:  Simplicity 2444

Fabric used: Floral linen "look".  

Changes I made: This dress was made early in my it has a front center seam. I realized at dress number three that I neither liked nor needed to put this seam in. I cut it on the fold now. I also like to line at least the bodice now instead of using facings. 

Repeat worthy? Uh duh....

This pattern redefines a TNT pattern for me. I always feel like myself in this style dress. I have even used the bodice to make a jumpsuit....shocking! You definitely haven't seen the last of this one!


  1. I never can say goodbye, I never can say goodbye...what can I say Margo, we've got great taste in patterns! This rendition is a beautiful sunny version! I love it!

  2. Its funny how those TNT patterns become like security blankets. This one is totally adorable and TNT worthy.
    I have a TNT blouse pattern and its funny how so many non-sewers don't recognize that all 4 shirts are made from the same pattern. If its any consolation, the general public really don't normally recognize the lines and finite design of a pattern. They notice the fabric, color and general shape which are quite easy to alter from one rendition to another.

    Sometimes you just need to sew and wear a 'good old friend' pattern.

    1. You are so right, about no one really noticing. I just think that those in the blogging world do notice and there is some pressure at times to change things up. Sometimes I just want to make a pretty dress and sew without stress. That's where my TNT's come into play. :)

  3. A very pretty dress. And definitely the perfect pattern for you!

  4. What a beautiful dress! I can see why it is a favourite :)

  5. I love sundresses. I recently tried to sew my first one but did not have a lot of success. Oh well - I'll keep trying. Yours came out beautifully and I love the fabric you chose for it. I'm stopping by from Sewing Saturdays.

  6. Lovely dress. I am crazy about floral prints. I have made many from them LOL. Hoppping over from SimpleSimonAndCo. Do visit me at TheHobbyHarbor - Diya

  7. Beautiful! I love it with this cardi too!

  8. It's a perfect dress! Love everything about it .. the color and pattern .. I understand how you feel about that TNT pattern.

  9. gorgeous dress!

  10. Lovely dress, Margo. Never say goodbye to that pattern, it is a real treasure!

  11. Such a pretty dress! OK now I have Bon Jovi "Never say Goodbye" playing over and over in my head. Yep never say goodbye to Simplicity 2444, Bon Jovi says!!