Monday, August 12, 2013

Bringing Home the Bacon

Saturday was the Sewcial Bee... I was stumped on many levels..I knew I wouldn't have much time to devote to this project and to be quite honest..I didn't want to spend the entire day inside sewing when it was going to be a beautiful summer day. All that said... I thought that I would use this opportunity to conquer a project that I too often procrastinate doing. Welding beanies for husband. He needed new ones for work... here is where I stretch this parameters of the challenge a bit... the theme of the challenge was food. 
Bringing home the BACON.  oh my..

What are welding beanies you may ask??? They are little "hats" that welders often wear under their shields to protect their heads from sparks and dirt while they are welding. The peak is often worn to the back to cover the neck. My husband is fairly conservative when it comes to getting dressed.. BUT not when it comes to his beanies! The crazier the better! Case in point..

 Folklore skull pattern...

Easter Island heads...

Here is a picture of how these beanies are worn except, that my husband also wears a hard hat. Safety first!

These babies consist of sixteen pieces in total. Which is why I so often procrastinate making them. I took about four hours to make these two beanies plus I cut out enough pieces for four more. Already half way there for the next time he needs one! The time limit of the Sewcial Bee pushed me to the finish and Husband was so grateful!

I know one thing... I never thought that I would be posting a picture of a welder on my blog!


  1. Very cute! I understand why he loves them. 16 pieces does seem like a lot, but they have a nice shape to show for it.

  2. Haa haa, sewcial bee makes you do crazy things like post pictures of welders. I love that your hubs like crazy print beanies and you probably got wife points for making those babies up.

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    1. Oh Nessa! I apologize for deleting your comment...I'm still new at this blogging thing and am not sure what I did to delete this. sad face.

  4. Your husband is a lucky guy!! I'm sure he loves to sport these beanies. I love the choice in fabric. May I ask where you purchased them? I have a friend who could use this skull fabric. :)

  5. Thanks! I bought the skull fabric while on a trip to Edmonton. It was at Marshall's Fabric Outlet. I couldn't actually remember myself but Husband remembered!On the edge of the piece is says David Textiles,Inc. Hope that helps.