Monday, March 11, 2013

Beach Cover Up

 I have been a very blessed girl this month! I spent a glorious week in beautiful Punta Cana. 

Of course, I couldn't prepare and pack for my trip in a calm and orderly fashion.... OH NO! That would be too easy. I had to race around sewing up some new things to take with me! A bit of frantic before a trip makes for more appreciation during the trip, right? Last minute pressure apparently spurns creativity and efficiency in me. Well... that may be taking it a little too far, because this cover-up was super easy to make.

 I had some fabric in my stash that was perfect for cover-ups, semi sheer pretty prints. I am 5'7'' tall and found that cutting the fabric to measure 60" x 55" to work well for me. I wanted it to be a bit long ( it felt a little more chic to me) The longer 60" edge was wrapped around the body and neck, the 55" edge was the length for me. You may have to play around with the fabric to find what works best for you. I trimmed the bottom corners into a rounded edge to prevent me from tripping all over myself (which would not be chic at all). I just eyeballed it, you could be more precise if you are a keener. Then I used my rolled hem foot to hem all four sides ( I shared my love for this foot before, here).

I was going to stop there and just tie the ends around my neck and call it a day but.... oh no...that would again, be too easy. I  had to run to the nearest fabric store to buy clasps, which I am glad I did because they made my cover-up look more finished. I slipped each corner of the top edge into a clasp, letting it gather, and stitched across. I left the tails hang out, making it look a bit like a bow.                                           

Here I am doing a little sewing on the beach. What didn't get finished at home was brought with me...thankfully the resort  provided a small sewing kit in our room. I will share this project soon. It was something I had never made before but it ended up being a real winner, especially with Handsome.

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