Saturday, November 10, 2012

Got My Knit On

This week I have been in a sewing slump but instead of giving up on delivering a project...I got my knit on! For me, sewing a garment can take a lot of thinking and this week I didn't have it in me. I had some leftover yarn from a blanket I had crocheted and thought it would be fun and easy to knit a chunky infinity scarf.

This scarf was sooooo easy. I used Red Heart chunky yarn in  #4 weight and size 5mm bamboo needles.

Here is the pattern:

Cast on 32 sts ( or any even number of sts to get desired width. 
Row 1       Knit to last st, P1 
Row 2       Sl 1 knitwise, *yo, K2 together, repeat*to last st, P1  
Repeat Row 2 until scarf measures desired length ( my length was 60 inches) 
Bind off all the sts knitwise. 
Then sew ends together using a yarn needle. I put one twist in mine before I sewed the ends together.

And you're done!

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