Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cheater Cheater Punkin Eater

 The primary purpose of starting this blog was to force myself to sew a project a week...for fun and for practice. To start, I chose this Simplicity 2444 dress. I have made this dress a few times before, so I could be cheating just a little by starting with a familiar pattern but give a lady a break...this is first time I have sewn anything in months. Really. 

  Shoes: Old Navy thrifted gift from seour Bracelet: Pink Pineapple Belt:Joe Fresh 

Besides pockets, I also luuuv stripes and this is a different take on stripes. Tiger stripes maybe? The interesting part of this fabric was deciding how to use it...white on the top and bottom with the dark navy at the waist or.... the opposite with white at the waist? After playing around with the draping I decided that I liked the white starting at the top of the bodice and getting darker as it went down the skirt.
 I decided to forgo the neck and armscye facings ( I hate those things flipping to the outside on me). Plus, to be totally honest, I was just being lazy. 

I just have to give this skinny little belt some has been a real trooper this summer! I love the coral color and it seems as though I've worn it with everything. Thank you little belt.You're the best.