Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Man Land

I know what you are thinking...What?! It's not a dress??! Well, from time to time I make creations for other  people that aren't dresses. 

So... this shirt was made almost two years ago...yes, you read that right ..TWO years ago. Shame on me. BUT today I finished it. Yay for me! More to the point ...Yay for Husband! 

The shame comes from the fact that I only had the buttons left to sew on. I put the entire shirt together and then stopped at the buttons? Really? It's not like I came to a particularly difficult part in the construction and was buttons for heavens sake.

My husband is a patient man.

McCalls 6044

So on to the pattern... if I can remember. I used McCalls 6044. All I really remember is that I lengthened the body and the sleeves for my tall husband and that I enjoyed making this shirt. This is a good pattern to start with if it's your first attempt at a shirt. It doesn't have a back yoke and the cuffs were a simpler construction. 

My Review: 

Pattern: McCalls 6044

Fabric used: A checked shirting.

Instructions: I don't remember having any difficulty with this pattern and found it enjoyable.

Changes I made: Husband is tall so I added length to the bodice and to the sleeves. I can't remember how much exactly but I know that I took Husband's measurements before cutting it out.

Repeat worthy?  I would like to make this shirt again, except next time I would finish it quicker!!  

Back view.

Handsome wasn't home to model his shirt so I put it on my dress form but she doesn't do it justice at all. Maybe he will model it for a pic when he wears it for the first time. Maybe...


  1. Great shirt. I'm so glad it isn't just me who leaves things to linger for ages before I finish them!

  2. Oh, yes! All his patience paid off at last. Really? Only the buttons? :D
    Love how it turned out, the fabric is so good for a nice shirt. And the cuffs are perfect!
    I´m very much into sewing for my husband right now, and finding patterns for him is not as easy as I expected, so thank you for the tip!

  3. Very clever. I'd like to make a shirt for my Mister, so I may have to take a look at this pattern, thanks!

  4. Beautiful, your husband will be so pleased. I wish mine just wanted a shirt. He wants an entire jacket. :(

  5. So nice and professional looking! Definitely better than RTW!!