Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Stash Busting

Say that title three times fast. Dare ya. My stash busting. Mu stash busting. Mustache busting. Welcome to the inner workings of my brain. You're welcome. Anywaaaaysss...

All over the  blogosphere, I see the sewing community participating in Stash Busting challenges. Committing to bust into their fabric stashes in lieu of purchasing new. Woot woot! I've got my thumb out to hitch a ride on that wagon! I'm all for that. Heaven knows, I need to use what I have stored away in bins just cluttering up my house and using up precious storage space... securing a spot for myself on the next episode of Hoarders...

My problem is the commitment part of the stash busting. On countless blogs, I've seen  many pictures of neatly folded fabric with a pattern laying on top of it, each vignette holding with it a promise of a beautifully modelled garment post to come! That's the commitment I lack, "THIS  fabric..with THIS pattern..."  I'm my everyday life I am as loyal as an old dog...except when it comes to creating. My brain is all over the place!! 

So while I can't yet commit to particular projects..per se. I have been "working" on the planning part of my sewing. On a recent fabric spree, I did attempt to give every selection I made, thought and purpose, so as to not grow my stash unnecessarily or waste money. A very good start but I must now commit to follow through on said plans. Which requires me to BUST MY STASH.

My rules:
1. No new fabric purchases until I use seven six pieces from my stash
2. Finish two unfinished projects
3. Complete two refashions
4. No time limit...just the promise of fabric the sooner I complete this...

Whew! Glad that's over with!  I'm pooped. You won't see any of those promising pictures like on other blogs, that would just be too much for me! So here is a cute baby pic for you! Again, you're welcome, I mean, I'm sorry. NO! dang it, you're welcome, that's one cuuute baby!

Ready, set, sew!

PS If anyone knows the original stash busting challenge creator, please let me know. I'd gladly add that badge to my sidebar and wear it with pride! 


  1. Haa haa! I can't do that neatly folded fabric with a pattern on top of it either. My fabric never stays neatly folded and I change my mind too often.

    I'm not sure if the Stashbusting Sewalong Challenge is the one you heard about but it was set up so you could choose your own challenge. Here is the blog link for that

    1. Thanks Heather for the link! I'm going to check it out.

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  3. Sigh.....this popped up just after I ordered MORE FABRIC online. I am awful, I can't be stopped!! I am going to come up with a pledge for this because although every time I buy fabric it is for a specific project, my project list is so long it will probably take me years to finish. And by then I will change my mind on most of it. Ugh. Good for you!!

  4. I often change my mind too! I NEED to do this challenge, my conscience can no longer bear the guilt.

  5. Hi Margo,
    I joined stash busting sew a long hosted by Sarah Liz, you can head over her blog for more details or check it out the stash busting group,
    Have a great day!

  6. You have set yourself such a big challenge!!!! My problem is I see a pretty piece of fabric and then I'm off on a tangent. Yay to trying though.

  7. Oh I know Kristy! I do have to stop buying new fabric though and finish up unfinished projects. I already feel like cheating!!!

  8. Everything you make is out of beautiful fabric, I would love to see what you haven't sewn up yet!
    You are very brave and responsible to make the commitment.
    What are you planning to sew?

  9. Thanks Becki! I'm not sure what project I will start with, whatever sparks my interest first!