Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Won't Be Turning My Back On You

There is so much I like about this dress I made back in the spring from NewLook 6067. I love the pattern, the little sleeves, the darts and pleats and of course the pockets I added!  Until I turn around.

When I laid out the pattern pieces, I didn't give much (or any) thought to the fabric pattern placement. This left me with a yellow blob of a flower just above my butt. Nice. I guess it could be worse, with a nice yellow flower adorning each cheek! That would have been funny enough to me that I just might be proud of my mistake. This is just enough to annoy me.

In any case, I will definitely make this dress again (and again).But if you see me leaving the room backwards to hide my butt...just smile and wave, smile and wave.


  1. I love this dress! And the fabric is gorgeous! I don't think the flower on the back is distracting.

    What is the pattern? and what type of fabric is this?
    You are an amazing seamstress -- you have made some very beautiful clothes!

  2. Margo -- I see you posted my comment but you did not answer my questions! :)

    1. Sorry about that Kathye I meant to get back to you. Pattern is newlook 6067 and the fabric was a stretch sateen. Thanks so much for your comment!!!