Monday, January 27, 2014

Maritime Mittens

Looks cozy huh? Cozy fire, cozy mittens. 

Well, since my sewing mojo up and decided to take a hike over the Christmas break, I decided that I would ignore its little tantrum and venture into a new and different project. Take that sewing mojo and say hello to my new friend knitting mojo! That being said,  my sewing mojo had better return to it's regular scheduled programming around here as soon as I finish the second pair! 
(Or before... what's another unfinished project added to my knitting basket? They can all just play nice in there. I also vow, here and now, to never say or write the word "mojo" again! ugh.. )

  I have seen these mittens at many gift shops and always wanted a pair due to their obvious coziness. So while on the hunt for a project to get me going again, I found this pattern for thrummed mittens and thought that I would give them a try. I am so glad that I did! They were fairly easy and so warm, perfect for the weather we have been having lately. 
It is my understanding that these mittens have been made in Newfoundland for many, many years and that a thrum is the yarn waste from weaving looms that is knitted into an item to give it extra warmth.

Pattern:  Briggs & Little Family Thrummed Mittens

Fabric used: Briggs & Little Heritage 2-ply wool
                     Briggs & Little Country Roving

Instructions: The pattern was straight forward even for me. While I have made mittens before, I have never made thrummed mittens and looked online for a good tutorial. It was helpful to see it done in action and I would suggest that anyone making these for the first time so the same. 

Changes I made: I didn't make any changes to the pattern per se. Unless you count the possible mistakes I may have made.... But hey... they look and feel like real mittens so I must have done something right. 

Repeat worthy? Most certainly! I'm already  on my second pair.

Mittens: self-made Coat: New York& Company (thrifted) Scarf: Fratelli Talli (thrifted) Hat: Cabela's Cords: Joe Fresh Smile: courtesy of Handsome

So do you want to know the inside scoop on why I smiled so big for this picture and not for the others? Well, I had my hands down by my sides and husband told me to put them up..."just do something else with them because they look like great big oven mitts when they are dangling at your sides!" 
Cue my fit of laughter.


  1. They are so cool - I love them! It never really gets cold enough here for mittens, but if it did, I would be very tempted to learn to knit so I could make some of these :).

    I hope your sewing mojo returns soon.

  2. These are perfect and truly authentic looking! nice you're back! and hope you're keeping warm!

  3. Haa haaa husband! Hey you need big oven mitt mittens this winter. Mmmmm cozy.

  4. Those cute little hearts are so adorable!
    love the coat too, what pattern did you use?
    So good to see you back. Enjoy the snow! I do miss it when I see it in your wonderful pics.
    I admire people who have the stamina and attention to detail for knitting, great job.

  5. Margo! Those mittens are the cutest thing! I wish my knitting was better so that I could try them! As fun and relaxing that knitting is, my mind is not ready to wait for so long for a proyect to be finish. Sewing is much faster!

  6. Those mittens are just adorable!! That gorgeous raspberry colour looks so fantastic with your hair and black coat :)